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All Purpose Dressing

All Purpose Dressing

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All Purpose Dressing is a water-based dressing meant for use as a finishing product on rubber, vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces. This thick formulation dressing is engineered to provide a deep, dark gloss with longevity. It keeps rubber and vinyl surfaces hydrated and conditioned without leaving behind a greasy appearance of feel. It is soft enough to be used on supple interiors and robust enough to be used as a tire dressing that can withstand the toughest elements.

Step 1: Clean and prepare surface to be conditioned

Step 2: Apply product to a towel or applicator and spread evenly across surface. If light gloss look is desired, follow by wiping down with a dry microfiber towel. If high gloss is desired apply thick and allow to dry. Follow with second application to increase gloss.

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