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Renoll Designs Metal Polishing Kit

Renoll Designs Metal Polishing Kit

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The Renoll Designs Metal Polishing Kit is your all-in-one solution for serious shine.

What's included:

x1 Renoll Designs Metal Polish formula for cutting and polishing, removing tarnish, and providing ultimate shine on nearly all metal types.

x1 All Purpose Cleaner for pre-polish cleaning to remove dirt/dust/grime and any oils that might affect the polishing process.

x1 Glass Cleaner for removing excess polish residue during polishing and for maintaining shine.

x3 Metal Polish Balls with drill attachment. Stiff Orange for heavy cut, Medium Blue for medium cut, and a Super Soft Black for a mirror finish.

x4 Short-nap polishing towels for cutting and removing polish residue

x2 Super Soft Microfibers for removing fine polish and for maintenance cleaning

x2 Dialed In Details Bottle-cut Decals to let everyone know where you got shine!

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