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Paint Wax

Paint Wax

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Paint Wax is intended for use on clean or paint corrected surfaces to protect, fill light swirls and scratches, and to leave a super wet and glossy look. It works best on clear coated, powder coated, and anodized surfaces. Paint Wax has been engineered with carnauba wax and polymers for longevity, so depending on exposure to elements an application every 1 to 2 months is sufficient. Paint Wax provides an incredible base layer of protection to be maintained on a weekly basis with Quick Detailer. It can be applied with a soft towel, wax applicator, or low-speed machine applicator.

Step 1: Clean and prepare surface

Step 2: Apply an even layer of wax by preferred method

Step 3: Allow the product to sit and “haze”.

Step 4: Buff away by hand with a clean and soft microfiber towel. Try to avoid application on dirty surfaces and in direct sunlight.

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