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Metal Polish by Renoll Designs

Metal Polish by Renoll Designs

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We called in the experts for this one!

Metal polishing is a detailing discipline all on it's own, so we tapped an industry expert for a product that was already dialed in. That's where Justin Renoll of Renoll Designs stepped in! With 10 years of polishing experience and a successful business to show for it, if Justin says it's good, you know it's good.

Metal Polish by Renoll Designs is a one-step metal polish that has been custom formulated for ease of use and longevity. This product is safe on aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver, and gold. It is best used for medium to light grade cutting jobs for that picture perfect polished finish. It can be used with a machine pad or by hand with microfiber towels. With it's built-in sealant you can trust that your results will last.

You can also take your polishing game to the next level with our polishing towels! These microfibers are handpicked, featuring short nap fibers for a little bit of bite, but a super soft plush quality for that perfect wipe-away.

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