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Heavy Duty Degreaser

Heavy Duty Degreaser

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Heavy Duty Degreaser is intended for the toughest and dirties applications. It is strong enough to break down brake dust, heavy grease, and oils on wheels, tires, engine compartments and other extreme applications. This product is not recommended on soft-finish applications such as clear coat, however it can easily be diluted with clean water to reduce the chemical concentration. Best practice with heavy duty degreaser is to try the product in a small spot to ensure there aren’t any undesired effects.

Step 1: Apply Heavy Duty Degreaser to heavily soiled areas and allow to sit (do not allow to dry)

Step 2: Agitate areas with a brush or towel

Step 3: Rinse areas with clean water thoroughly to remove all chemical from the surface

Step 4: Pat, blow, and wipe areas dry and follow up with preferred finishing product

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