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Car Shampoo

Car Shampoo

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Car Shampoo is a pH-neutral car soap safe on any exterior surface. This high foam concentration is ideal for providing adequate lubrication on soft surfaces when using different wash medias (cleaning brushes, wash mitts, etc). Exceptional lubrication qualities serve to minimize the introducing of hazing, swirling, or other light imperfections brought on during contact washes. It can be used effectively in a bucket, foam gun, or foam cannon.

Step 1: Pour 1 to 2 ounces of Car Shampoo into an empty 5 gallon container and spray with water to create foam

Step 2: If using a foam gun or foam cannon, pour 2-3 ounces of soap into the gun or cannon (more soap = more foam) and fill the rest of the way with water

Step 3: With your preferred method, apply an even layer of foam on the surface to be cleaned

Step 4: Use a wash mitt or brush to lightly agitate the soap and break through any grime on the surface, occasionally rinsing dirt off in the bucket

Step 5: Thoroughly rinse the soap away from the surface and dry with a drying aid (Quick Detailer) and drying towel or compressed air.

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